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This is the editor. It's where you edit your website pages. We've put together this sample page for you to see some of the things you can do. If you're in edit mode (click the button at the top if not) you can edit this content by just clicking on it, and typing.

You can also edit the title above. 

To edit other page options like the description or menu settings, click the Page Options button above when in edit mode.

Text Formatting

There are many ways to format text! You can make text bold, you can make text italic, or you can use strikeout or underline options. Text can be BIG or small. Want text in a different color like red or blue?

You can even  c o m b i n e   the options. laugh

“Block quotes are a great way to emphasize text.”
- George Washington (probably)

Paragraph and List Formatting

The default setting for paragraph text is left-aligned, non-justified text.

If you'd like, you can use right-aligned text.

Or even center-aligned text.

You can also justify text which fills in all of the horizontal space for a paragraph. When using this setting, your text will always fill in left to right for anything but the last line of a paragraph, just like you see in magazines and newspapers. This paragraph is a bit long, and it's just here to show you an example of justified text.

Want to create a numbered list?

  1. You can talk about one fish.
  2. Two fish.
  3. Perhaps even red fish or blue fish.

Bulleted lists are fun too.

  • You can created a list of items.
  • Add as many items as you'd like.
    • You can even nest lists by pressing the Tab key on your keyboard.
  • But wait, there's more!
This is a table.  
  Tables are great for tabular data.
Or just putting things in order.  
  Right click tables for options.


You can create links to your other pages, or to any other page on the Internet. Want to link to your shiny new About Me or Contact Me page?

Tip: You can copy the website address of any of your pages in a browser and paste it into the "URL" box when creating a link in the editor.

How about a link to another website like Educator Pages on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twittersmiley


All that's left is your imagination and your plans! When you're ready, you can delete everything on this page and get started with your own content.

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Have Fun!
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